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mpg_facility_8MPG Pipeline Contractors, LLC is a leading pipeline contractor providing quality services to the oil and gas industry including pipeline construction, facility construction, pipeline integrity management and pipeline maintenance across the continental United States. It is our mission to provide the highest quality construction services and the safest possible working environments to benefit our customers, employees and subcontractors.

We strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in all our efforts. Our goal is satisfied customers, which requires meeting timelines, attention to details, a service-minded attitude and cost-effective practices.

We believe in the motto “Never Substitute Experience,” and MPG Pipeline Contractors has a long history of pipeline construction success — with many repeat customers and earned referrals.


What Others Are Saying About MPG


MPG Pipeline Contractors recently completed a third party Risk Assessment & Safety Perception Survey. The survey centered on the efficiency of operational capabilities of the MPG team and the critical management systems in place to provide both effective safety leadership and a quality work environment.

The survey included extensive work observations, individual personnel interviews, and crew consultations with MPG’s employees. All areas of the MPG expertise were evaluated with an emphasis on some of the highest areas of risk such as challenging environment and weather conditions, working within high voltage areas, pulling pipe for directional drilling, deep excavations, equipment movement and master level welding operations. The interviews were strategically conducted to assess MPG’s critical management systems, safety leadership for training, hazard identification, employee protocols and guidelines, and safety programs.

The findings included high marks for MPG in all categories with an overall employee response reflecting a strong emphasis on safety as the top priority for all operations. Long term employees and short service employees alike showcased the strength of the MPG orientation and safety programs in place and reflected a safe work environment with responsive leadership.