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M.P.G. Pipeline Contractors, LLC (MPG) values the safety of all workers and the protection of our environment. Our company is committed to having incident free operations, achievable by working as a team with those sub-contractors and employees who demonstrate sound safety management practices and implement good incident prevention programs. We expect our sub-contractor workforce to be effectively trained and equipped with the hazard recognition and control tools necessary to experience incident free operations. We also expect our sub-contractors to have required insurance policies in force.

Our company determined that we needed additional resources to help evaluate the safety performance and related qualifications of our sub-contractors. We are pleased to announce that we have established a business relationship with PEC Safety to accomplish these objectives. Effective immediately, PEC Safety will be assisting MPG in its sub-contractor management system and qualification processing.

To set up a new sub-contractor account with PEC Safety, please visit .

  • Document Submittal – MPG will use PEC Safety to track and verify your company’s required documents. To meet MPG’s document submittal requirements, each sub-contractor must purchase PEC Safety’s Verification Package Annually. If you have already purchased the Verification Package to meet another customer’s requirements, you will not have to purchase this subscription again.
  • Training Records Reviewed – Workers who are assigned to perform services on any MPG location or worksite will have their training records reviewed for compliance. To facilitate this process, please upload workers’ training records into PEC Safety Advanced Training Tracker. PEC Safety does offer multiple options to get your existing training records into their system via data transfer and customized programming.

NOTE: Both your Standardized Safety Questionnaire (SSQ) and Advanced Training Tracker information need to be released to MPG before information can be viewed. (if you already have a sub-contractor account with PEC Safety or are already completing any of these requirements for another customer using PEC Safety, simply release the required information to MPG).  This release function is in your SSQ and Advanced Training Tracker resource.

MPG’s goal is to provide you valuable, easy to use tools and services that will help expand the safety culture within your organization and make this part of the bid process affordable and efficient. Your consideration of these requirements is appreciated.

PEC Safety has a Sub-Contractor Support Department designated to help you with questions regarding how to comply with these requirements. For further details, please contact PEC Safety’s Sub-Contractor Support Department at (866) 647-2338 or email

Should your company be unfamiliar with PEC Safety and need assistance navigating the system, please email or call (985) 629-5935 to schedule a webinar with a PEC support representative. Within the webinar, a PEC support representative can show you how to navigate the Standardized Safety Questionnaire (SSQ) as well as the Advanced Training Tracker.