Marsh/Marine Installation

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MPG Pipeline Contractors, LLC is a trusted provider of pipeline installation services in even the most challenging of environments. We take great pride in our expertise in shallow water construction. The MPG team possesses extensive experience and knowledge working in marshes, marines, levee systems and other similar environments. In addition, we are one of only a few contractors in the country qualified to work in these harsh and difficult locations.


MPG’s superintendents, employees and subcontractors are all actively developing and training in these demanding surroundings, while conforming to all safety, regulatory and environmental requirements necessary to keep our client’s projects moving toward their in-service date. Our field personnel are highly trained, experienced and qualified to conduct USACE regulated Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) projects under levee systems to meet all federal, state, local and operator-specific requirements. All of these advantages will provide cost-effective solutions for our client’s next marsh/marine pipeline project.

Our marine and marsh installation services include:
• USACE regulated HDD under levee systems
• Push work
• Barge work
• Port access